Toosey Aged and Community Care


The Toosey Aged and Community Care complex is located in the centre of the township of Longford in the Northern Midlands of Tasmania. Originally settled by the Norfolk Islanders in 1808, the town continues to retain its historic appeal attracting many tourists annually.

Longford is central to a vibrant agricultural community and is 25 kms from the major Northern city of Launceston.

James Denton Toosey

The Toosey Nursing Home owes much of it’s existence to a bequest from James Denton Toosey Jnr, the Tasmanian born son of James Denton Toosey (1801 -1883) of Richmond Hill, Cressy. He had also taken up pastoral pursuits at Cressy House adjoining his father’s property on his return from schooling in England. After his father’s death and childless he and his wife returned to England to retire in 1888.

James Denton Toosey Jnr, who shared his father’s public spirit, left certain monies with his Trustees along with instructions to acquire land and build a hospital for the benefit of “the poor and needy, who may be sick and suffering in my native land, Tasmania, all to be treated free of charge”. The Trustees invested the money and let it accumulate until it reached a sum large enough to adequately fund a hospital.

Toosey Memorial Hospital

The Toosey Memorial Hospital was established some time prior to July in 1925.

It was administered by a local Board of Directors and funded with monies from the bequest and community support until 1955. It became impossible to continue in this manner due to rising costs and the changing face of health care and so the facility was operated by the State Health Department until 1999.

Faced with the possibility of closure, it was decided to revert back to a community base administration.

The community of Longford owns the Toosey complex on land leased from the state government. It is a Company limited by guarantee, and the responsibility for the maintenance of the facility rests with the community appointed Board. Members of the Company include over 300 community minded members of the Longford district.